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Scenic Airlines
Flying the Grand Canyon since 1927!

In 1927, Scenic Airways was the first to fly commercial flights over Grand Canyon National Park. Fast-forward to the present and the company has grown to become one of the largest aerial tour companies in the World. The distinction is well earned, too, and that's why Scenic gets my #2 pick for best Grand Canyon airplane tour operator.

Scenic - An Air Tour Innovator

The company has a history of being on the cutting edge of air travel. They developed the first air tour narration system in 1969. It went on to co-develop the 19-seat Vistaliner aircraft. This is the plane that the majority of air tour companies used today. It's aerodynamically perfect and comes with large viewing windows and a roomy cabin.

Grand Canyon Flights Surge

Word got out among travelers that Scenic offers some of the best tours on the market. In 1997, this popularity resulted in building a $5 million leading-edge facility in North Las Vegas. They also entered new international markets like Japan, Denmark, Finland, and South America. There overseas experience makes them a leader in with foreign travelers.

Fly Grand Canyon

Scenic Air flies from Vegas to the West Rim and the South Rim. They do not offer any air tours that originate from Grand Canyon Airport. Departures are daily and happen year round. No matter when you arrive in Las Vegas, Scenic is ready to go.

Types of Grand Canyon Air Tours

Scenic Air offers air and air-ground package tours to Grand Canyon West. On average, it takes about 20 minutes to reach the rim. Scenic's most popular tour is a tie between the Grand Voyager and the Grand Canyon Deluxe.

The Grand Voyager includes a 4,000-foot helicopter descent to the bottom of the canyon and a boat ride down the Colorado River. FYI - The West Rim is the only place in the canyon where you can fly to the base.

Grand Canyon Deluxe is the popular direct flight from Las Vegas to Grand Canyon Airport, South Rim. The base trip includes a bus ride to the rim for sightseeing. The more elaborate option is the one that includes a rim-to-rim helicopter ride and bus to the South Rim.

How to Book a Grand Canyon Air Tour

I don't know about you but paying full price for air tours is not in my blood. Remember earlier when I complimented Scenicís innovativeness? That extends to it's website. Go there and you'll find pricing that's greatly reduced from the retail price. Then seal the deal by booking early. Airline companies love it and reward savvy travelers with better pricing.

Grand Canyon by Plane? Yes!

Scenic is one of the most established Grand Canyon air tour companies in operation today. Their tours are first class and their online pricing can't be beat. Unlike other companies, Scenic flies the 19-seat, FAA-approved Vistaliner. Take it from me, if you have "issues" with flying, the Vistaliner will make them vanish. If you are in Las Vegas, definitely book a Scenic Air tour to the Grand Canyon. It's the flight of a lifetime.

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